The Next Phase

Marketing is both an art and a science.  Through the science we’re able to measure results and begin to optimize our tactics and operations.  But it is the art of marketing that I’m familiar with.  I’ve been on the phons for 13 years and I “create works” with my mouth peice – and sure enough it works for me.  In a recent project I helped a client to generate $6,330 per hour in revenue because I was able to reach the right person at the right time with the right message.  The message we use vocally is very much different than we’d use in print or online.  After all people do buy from people and not from companies.  I have to make a difference out there in each and every call.  13 years ago I was set and determined to break the telemarketer mold.  Today my contacts see me as a trusted advisor who shares compelling content, asks brilliant questions and as a personable and reliable business partner.   A new hire sat with me and was impressed with my ability to reach decision makers and have conversations.  One week later he had asked me for my techniques and strategy.  I sent him this list:
                1 Be energetic

                2 Ask

                3 Give a great reason why they should talk to you

                4 Laugh

                5 Be logical

                6 Take it with a grain of salt

                7 Look people up on the internet via Google and

                8 Listen to what they’re saying to you and briefly acknowledge it by repeating it back to them.

                9 Be super nice to the admins

                10 don’t let receptionists give you a hard time

Basically what this all breaks down to is when you’re prospecting in real life live offline environments is you’ve got to know what you’re talking about, have the ability make puzzle pieces fit, impress people with you just being you.  Face it bland and boring is not going to cut it.  Soft spoken but smart isn’t going to cut it.  Quick, short and to the point is not going to get you end results either. But what will you ask?  My personal style works for me and I see it as a mesh of Improv Comedy, Infomercial Announcer, Compelling Instructor and Counselor type roles squeezed in to one.  I’m hungry for success but more so I’m eager to help and clarify.  So who are you?  What makes you great?  What great entertainer have you been compared to?  What energizes you?  Can you translate all of this into your work?  Can you just be yourself on the phone as if you were out with friends?

People don’t like fake.  So why be something you’re not.  My personal style is the person who I am on the phone.  We all want to be in the spot light.  I have given myself this focus.  It’s very personal to me if I do not achiev this.  You, my colleagues, my contacts and in all of my professional interactions – I absolutely do not feel as if I’ve done my job unless I’ve captivated you.  So what is the ART of conversation for conversions?

                1 Storytelling

                2 Feeding Facts and Quotes

                3 Strong Improv Abilities

                4 Enjoyment

                5 Unique Personality

                6 Persistence

                7 Trust Building

                8 Passion for your work

                9 Intensity

                10 Listening Intently

So you’re probably wondering things like:

What preparation do you typically do for a sales call?

How do you get through to the decision maker bcause these aren’t the types of people that often pick up a ringing phone?

OK, let’s say now  you’ve got the decision maker on the phone and he’s talking to you, which is a huge challenge in itself. What then?

How do you overcome objections?


Well to start I look at the record for incomplete information and to determine if I have a true decision maker listed.  Most basic information can be confirmed with a receptionist, assistant or Google search.  However, if I’m lacking a quality decision maker I’m going to jump right in to sites like Linked In and Inside View to find and search.  Linked In search is a little more complex because you need to have a paid account to get to the really grainy searches.  Even with basic Linked In search you can still find mid level decision makers and influencers who want to be champions for the right cause.  Inside View is great for finding C-Levels and all the news you can handle about a company consolidated down into one easy platform.   Uh yeah… I agree these people DO NOT take a lot of calls.  You’ve got to impress the admin.  You’ve got to manipulate their phone system.  You’ve got to collect their e-mail address and send something compelling.  If you know you’ve got something that will reshape their company you can just e-mail them and target ads at them.  You need to have that live interactive human to human dynamic conversation I’ve been talking about.  Set an appointment with the admin and keep it if you have to.  I love gatekeepers more than any other role I have to deal with.  I have executives assistants who remember me from calls over two years ago and are like OMG hi Jason let me patch you through.  Make a good impression.  To do this picture the person you’re talking to when you hear their voice.  Treat them like you would if you were face to face and they’ll do the same for you.   So now you’ve got the CIO, COO, Enterprise Architect, etc… on the phone!  What’s next?  You’re trembling with excitement because you know you’ve got the stuff and you start off with how are you? You’ve been hung up on.  Come at them with a compelling fact and another brand who trusts you.  So John today I just wanted to share how we helped “X” save $100 million over six years.  We help with “A”.  How are you challenged by reducing costs for “Z”?  Repeat what they say back to let them know that you’re listening.  Mid Level contacts can be persuaded through compelling them to become your champion because ultimately they become a workplace hero if you can really do what you say you can do.  Be honest, open, friendly and match their mood – not their pace and tone.  You match their pace and tone and they’ll think you’re mocking them.  Keep them on your hook until they take the bait and are ready for sales intervention, raise an objection you can’t tackle immediately or they just plain have to go.  Just because they tell you no doesn’t really mean no forever – just not right now.   Objections are like questions in most cases.  Some objections mean – hey we just don’t need that because it’s not a fit.  The remaining 90% are there for you to build follow ups on.  For example on one call they tell you they outsource this function, they’re busy and have to get off of the phone.  Does your company offer professional services in addition to your software or hardware?  Well there is your perfect cue ball to break the rack on the next call.  Hey John – Jason Croyle calling from “C” when we spoke on xx/xx you stated you outsource.  We offer an outsourced option called “X” and some of our clients like “R” have realized “ABC”.  Would you like to compare?  


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